INDUSTRY: Automotive & Transportation

CAPABILITIES: Campaign, Creative, Innovation, Digital Production, Technology, User Experience Design, Development & Systems

Opel has developed a creative digital teaser campaign for the pre-launch of the new Opel Insignia. This very innovative action challenges the user to buy the most representative model of the brand sight unseen in a country where design is one of the major factors in making a decision to purchase. makes us reflect on what is most important when choosing a car. After enjoying an audio experience, users can experience some true stories of a collision, recreated in 360° immersive audio. Thanks to technology and realistic recreations, we managed to put the user in the shoes of a driver experiencing an emergency on the road. The stories were sourced from real recordings of Opel OnStar, the exclusive personal assistance service of the brand, which comes standard on all Opel vehicles, including the new Opel Insignia.

Gracia Calabia

Group Account Director

"Beyond the innovative nature of the project, I’m awed by the thought that went into it and its lasting impact."

In order to achieve a more immersive sensation, facial recognition technology was used so that the experience could only be activated when closing one's eyes. In addition, the campaign's microsite was activated for some days totally unbranded, without any brand or model presence, to help generate intrigue and interest.


The campaign developed by us at MRM//McCann Madrid for Opel takes full advantage of the possibilities offered by today's technology to launch a powerful message that shows what really matters in a car: its capacity to keep people safe at all times.

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