200 Wellington Street West Suite 1300
Toronto, Ontario M5V 0N6
+1 416-594-6000  

Innovation on Display for the World to See

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world with over a third of our population born outside Canada and host to over 180 languages and dialects. In fact, our annual Caribana and Pride events attract people from around the globe in a celebration of diversity and community.

Our office is also home to the first-ever LIVE space, an active working space for the social team that brings us closer together with our clients. Every step of the LIVE experience is displayed on big, bright monitors and showcases what we are working on, such as a live broadcast of events, consumer research, listening dashboards, client data, news and social feeds.

We also have hundreds of tiny, 3-D printed models of staff members on display, and a majority of our boardrooms are named after wrestling moves.