How we helped reposition Verizon as a technology solutions leader.

Industry : Telecommunications & Consumer Electronics
Capabilities : Product Innovation, Campaigns, Websites

The Challenge

While Verizon could claim 96% of the Fortune 500 as customers, they faced the widespread perception that they were “just” a telco company. The reality, however, is that they’re a strategic services provider of business technologies. The challenge was to reposition Verizon as the global technology solution leader they had become.

In fact, Verizon provides innovative global networking and cloud solutions, information security and enterprise mobility solutions to some of the world’s largest enterprise businesses and government agencies.  

Verizon was at a crossroads as it sought to transition itself out of the commodity telecommunications space and establish the company as a high-value, global technology solutions leader.

The challenge was to reposition Verizon by validating that position with hard evidence. And integrating this message across all supporting B2B marketing and digital communications.

The Idea

The overall strategy was to anchor all marketing and digital communications under the promise of Verizon’s ability to create Powerful Answers through technology solutions that help transform industries and communities.

Because the buying cycle for technology solutions can range from 6 months to more than a year, the ultimate goal was to engage customers and nurture their learning throughout the this cycle.

This meant creating a unified and integrated multi-channel marketing B2B campaign that would enrich a corporate campaign already in market. B2B marketing efforts included a refined web experience, rich digital experiences and technology-enabled sales support as well as demand generation tactics, digital and live events along with a social strategy.

The Execution

    The Results

    Through the Powerful Answers campaign, Verizon was able to establish a strong presence as a technology leader within the enterprise community and position itself competitively alongside market leaders.

    Advertising outperformed issue averages across all readership measures. Banner click-through rates outperformed industry standards and demand generation efforts led to over 2,000 leads in the first 6 months.

    Website activity significantly improved across-the-board with:

    • YTD overall visits increased 13.26%
    • Average time spent on the site increased 19%
    • Mobile traffic increased 72%

    Account management sign-ups increased by 27%.