How we used a Super Hero tie-in to drive super response rates for Verizon FiOS

Industry : Telecommunications & Consumer Electronics
Capabilities : Campaigns, Digital Advertising, Websites, Relationship Marketing

The Challenge

How do you harness the blockbuster appeal of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 to launch Verizon’s new FiOS Quantum Internet service? And how do you do it under nearly impossible deadline pressure to deliver across a multitude of online and offline channels and tactics?  This was the challenge we were given as the launch date was speeding toward us and an entire campaign needed to be created in a mere six weeks.

The Idea

Verizon FiOS and Iron Man. Both are strong brands, each defined by innovative, powerful technologies. So MRM//McCann leveraged the anticipation of the release of Iron Man 3 to create a campaign that brought to life the superior FiOS Quantum web experience.

Rather than make the product the hero, we focused on how it empowers the consumer using a consistent theme across all channels: "Technology that makes you feel superhuman."

It started with an immersive Iron Man 3 storyline on a parallax, responsive website, that enabled us to give our target a seamless and dramatic demonstration of how FiOS Quantum Internet gives them “super power.” The site included a real-time comparison speed test, a Twitter feed of customer testimonials and a strong call-to-action.

The “superhuman” theme was integrated across the entire campaign, including TV, email, direct and shared mail — all working together in a unified approach.

The Execution

    The Results

    The Iron Man 3 campaign achieved superior results for prospect and customer audiences:

    • Iron Man 3 digital acquisition efforts outperformed control creative in the market at that time – including email, display and landing page results
      ©2013 MARVEL
    • Click-through rates and actions taken on the landing page were up 3X
    • Remarketing success for Iron Man 3 achieved more than double the click-through rates
    • Direct Mail conversion was up 30%
    • Response from inserts in shared mailings were up more than 15%

    ©2013 MARVEL