How Mastercard continues to connect with today’s ever-changing consumer.

Industry : Financial & Banking Services
Capabilities : Campaigns, Digital Advertising, Websites, Social, Brand Development, Mobile, Relationship Marketing

The Challenge

Over the last several years, the world of marketing has transformed. Analogue has become digital. Passive is now responsive. Consumers expect brands to be social and engage with them in relevant ways. Our challenge has been to help Mastercard keep up with the changing expectations of today’s consumer and deliver meaningful experiences that engage, enable and entertain. Ultimately, we needed to deliver a Priceless experience in ways they never expected.

The Idea

Our solution involved far more than creating a series of ads or a savvy social campaign. We helped Mastercard evolve the way they engage with consumers. We developed a series of programs that provide a bold experiential voice for the brand and provide a platform for ongoing engagement. These initiatives don't necessarily have a start and stop date. In fact, many appear year after yeareach successive project building on the previous iteration. Most notable are:
·      #InternsWanted a social platform that found hundreds of digitally savvy interns
·      Stylicity this blend of sponsorship and retail promotion connects consumers directly to the brand through the lens of fashion and style
·      World Mastercard #acceptedhere an Instagram campaign that used social to illustrate the brands acceptance around the world
·      Priceless Surprises with Doug Gilmour and Coca Rochaunexpected events on a grand scale are brought to everyday consumers in unexpected ways
·      NEXT Hackathona technology meetup where innovation and exploration are taken to a new level

The Execution

    The Results

    This approach has been an unprecedented success and one that continues to generate new ideas and programs for now and the future. Not only have we helped deliver against key business objectives like increasing transaction volume and card preference, but we've also impacted the opinion that Canadian consumers have of the Mastercard brand. As a result, Mastercard has moved into the top 10 most influential brands in Canada, according to a recent Ipsos ranking.

    The Awards

    • Mastercard Canada Stylicity Program
    • 2013 Canadian Marketing Awards - Gold
    • 2013 Shopper Innovation Awards - Grand Prix and Gold
    • 2013 Talent Egg – Finalist (Best Online Campus Campaign)
    • 2013 Promo Awards – Gold (Shopper Marketing and Retail)
    • 2012 Canadian Marketing Awards - Gold


    • #InternsWanted
    • 2012 Webby Awards – Honoree (Innovation Online Guerilla)
    • 2013 W3 Awards – Silver (Web Videos – Animation)
    • 2012 Communicator Awards – Gold (Marketing)
    • 2012 Talent Egg – Gold (Best Sponsorship)
    • 2012 Promo Awards – Bronze (Best Social Media)
    • 2012 B!G Awards – Silver
    • 2011 Applied Arts Interactive – Annual
    • 2011 Canadian Marketing Awards – Gold (Digital Interactive)
    • 2011 Media Innovation Awards – Bronze (Interactive)
    • 2011 Digital Marketing Awards – Silver (Best Social Media Integration)
    • 2011 Atomic Awards – Gold (Niche Targeting)