How GM enabled mass customization without creating mass confusion.

Industry : Automotive & Transportation
Capabilities : Brand Development, Campaigns, Digital Advertising, Social, Relationship Marketing

The Challenge

Imagine a unique car for every driver on the planet. In 2012, GM introduced just that: the Opel ADAM, the world’s only car that offers over 4 billion custom combinations. Each vehicle could truly be a reflection of the owner’s individual preferences.

GM had created something amazing. But communicating all those choices could leave consumers overwhelmed and confused. So our challenge was to develop a simple and easy way for each prospect to configure their own individually customized car in an experience that set a new standard for engagement and fun.

The Idea

MRM//McCann developed the One of a Kind campaign anchored by a new microsite design that’s just like the car itself: surprising, unique and entertaining. And with a configurator that enables the consumer to customize a car in a way that’s easy to navigate and fun to use.

The home page broke with site conventions to create a wall concept with a new GUI. The configurator gives the user the ability to easily modify the car to his/her needs. As the user explored product features, animations and big visuals improved upselling, while the price of the configuration was transparent at all times.

We also included advanced sharing features to allow the users to easily share their customized cars with friends and family.

The wall concept not only improved user experience, it was designed to give local markets the flexibility to adapt the microsite to their needs.

The microsite is offered in Flash for desktop PC and also in HTML5, which assures optimal iPad user experience.

The Execution

    The Results

    The microsite set a new industry benchmark:

    ·      More than 1,000,000 microsite visits to date*
    ·      More than 800,000 configurator visits**
    ·      Over 1,500,000 initiated configurations
    ·      A remarkable completion rate of 28%
    ·      Dwell time that exceeds all other car lines

    With the flexibility provided by the wall concept, as of today more than 21 markets have localized this microsite.

    *May 2012Jan 2013 across 18 markets

    **Configurator data based on 7 markets (Sept 2012–Jan 2013)