How a new car sharing service increased market share

Industry : Automotive & Transportation
Capabilities : Product Innovation, Campaigns, Digital Advertising, Mobile

The Challenge

The Daimler brand has long signified value to the European consumer, however for many of today’s consumers, physical ownership of a car is not as relevant as a status symbol. In response, Daimler had introduced a car-sharing service.

However, an audit showed the brand experience was all over the map. Without physical locations, Car2go was experienced as a digital brand. But their many digital touch points were inconsistent, creating a confusing experience for the customer. The challenge was to develop a unified brand vocabulary and a complete digital brand experience that provided a high-value experience to the user.

The Idea

MRM//McCann launched a Digital Brand System, applying a consistent user experience to all touch points — including systemic responsive design for mobile channels, apps, social media, interactive POS display, as well as unique channels such as in-car media and charging stations.

This fully networked mobility service needed a framework of digital brand principles from design and construction elements to grid systems, type and image governance as well as social metrics and oversight. The foundation of the system was digital from the start, growing out of the creation of the website.

Once all the varied components of this digital brand system were connected, Daimler was able to engage in a continuous dialogue with the customer — even on the move in the vehicle.

Taken all together, this unified brand experience enabled an ongoing conversation across all touch points, and creating a one-of-a-kind “value space” of service that locks customers in to the system.

With this unified experience in place, Daimler launched the new Digital Brand System in 6 cities in Europe over a 12-month period.

The Execution

    The Results

    By the end of the introductory period in Germany in 2011, around 60,000 customers had registered with Car2go.

    Currently available in 7 cities in Germany, it has the largest number of registered users of flexible car-sharing services in that country.

    The Digital Brand System successfully communicated Car2go’s combination of extraordinary convenience and environmental responsibility, creating a user ecosystem that builds customer loyalty. This system has contributed to a successful multinational roll-out across Europe and North America.

    Today, car2go:
    •    Operates over 10,000 vehicles
    •    Serving 8 countries
    •    In 25 cities worldwide
    •    With over 600,000 customers