How personalization paid off for

Industry : Technology & Software
Capabilities : Campaigns, Digital Advertising, Websites, Brand Development, Mobile

The Challenge

CSC, a global leader in technology and consulting, has a complex product offering that spans a wide range of vertical industries. Their sales cycle is lengthy. So developing a steady pace of lead generation was important goal.

Their site,, site had been serving as a critical information resource to potential customers — but the way the site was designed, that information wasn’t always easy to find. And the site wasn’t working as hard as it could to capture the user information CSC needed to make the site a stronger lead generation engine.

Our challenge was to deliver a redesigned upgrade to the site that provided the advanced features and highly intuitive user experience customers expect from a global innovator.  And CSC needed it all done within a very aggressive timeline.

The Idea

To communicate the wide array of solution sets available to CSC customers and prospects without overwhelming them, MRM//McCann re-architected the site, creating a more intuitive user experience and enhancing navigation. This enabled users to find the most relevant information for their needs easily.

Information was also presented in more easily digestible gulps, and made more easy to find by optimizing content and page templates for SEO best practices.

We added personalization features that enabled users to create a customized experience and gave CSC the ability to nurture leads by delivering custom content via email. And we strengthened the calls-to-action throughout the site.

Then we made the site more accessible with responsive design, optimizing views to multiple browsers, devices and screen sizes.

To do this all and deliver on deadline we put the power of the global MRM//McCann network to work, scaling up as needed.

The Execution

    The Results

    New business leads more than doubled: In the 14-month period since the re-launch of CSC averaged 288 leads per month, 4,034 in total, a 265% YOY increase. Impressive? It gets better. We accomplished this without the support of brand or demand generation marketing.

    Our new personalization features also enabled CSC to collect new 84,602 registrations, an average of 5,640 per month.  With this new database CSC actively targets potential customers with their CRM efforts to convert them into leads.