How Caprabo delivered a more personal loyalty experience

Industry : Retail & Apparel
Capabilities : Brand Development, Campaigns, Digital Advertising, Websites, Mobile, Social, Retail, Commerce, Relationship Marketing

The Challenge

The worldwide financial crisis hit Spain particularly hard —  leading to a serious contraction of spending by Spanish consumers. With a loyalty program offering rewards based on customer value determined by RFM, popular Spanish retailer Caprabo needed to re-calibrate and re-launch the program to align more closely with the reality of their customers.

Taking into consideration the new economic climate and customers’ reduced spending power, the new loyalty program would reward the Caprabo target customers based on share of wallet and engagement.

This target included 30-year-old shopper moms who are not only comfortable shopping online, but often use this channel exclusively.  

It also included 60-year-old “traditionalist” women who prefer off-line channels, including paper newsletters as well as print advertising and mail.

The challenge was to re-launch and communicate the new benefits of the program to this diverse customer base.

The Idea

While savings are important, in this financial climate competitors were also offering savings. So on top of savings MRM//McCann designed the program to deliver a higher level of personalization. Members could customize savings coupons as well as earn points they could redeem for experiences. And they were enabled to personally select the experiences they want.

To reach the digitally connected shopper we launched, so that Caprabo could deliver personalized content.

For older shoppers, we utilized the more traditional magazine format to deliver program information — including QR codes to gently help direct them to online.  An on-demand solution of personalized discount coupons delivered by interactive kiosk right at point-of-purchase helped cement the relationship even further.

The Execution

    The Results

    The new value proposition resonated with customers across all demographic lines.

    During the initial period of the campaign, online behavior saw a real increase with:
    •    More than 60,000 people registered for program membership
    •    Recent monthly visits to the club site: over 45,000
    •    E-newsletter subscriptions total over 14,000

    Further, shoppers who didn’t go online took advantage of the offline promotions with:
    •    Increased sales at locations with interactive kiosks delivering personalized coupons