How Campofrío celebrated Spain’s success and added to their own

Industry : Food & Beverage
Capabilities : Campaigns, Digital Advertising, Websites, Social

The Challenge

A depression is, well, depressing. And in the last financial crisis, the mood in Spain was very low. Campofrío wanted a campaign to help lift the nation’s spirits — and to help lift their sales too.

The Idea

MRM//McCann created a CV for Spain — a list of all the achievements the people of Spain could be proud of. A TV spot was created featuring some of the country’s most beloved comedians sharing these achievements with the theme “A CV For All Of Us”

Before airing the spot, we sent it out 15 Twitter-active journalists, asking them to contribute other achievements under the hashtag #elcurriculumdetodos. The spot was also sent to more than 1,000 bloggers also asking them to participate.

Once the spot started airing we encouraged people to tweet their contribution to the CV or add it to the campaign’s Facebook page.

Then Campofrío promised to make a donation to the Red Cross for every contribution to the CV up to a total of €30,000.

The Execution

    The Results

    By helping people feel good and do good at the same time we helped Campofrío increase sales too:
    ·      YouTube Views of the TV Spot: 2,951,446
    ·      Hashtag Tweets 150,526
    ·      Facebook Fans, up 20%
    ·      Mentions 111,879
    ·      Top 5 Trending Topic in Spain
    ·      Spain´s most relevant video on YouTube 4 days in a row
    ·      Appearance in 800 blogs and on all major newspaper websites
    ·      6th in annual Top 10 most viral campaign
    ·      Donation total was raised from €30,000 to €50,000 due to the massive participation.