How we improved user experience without changing content.

Industry : Retail & Apparel
Capabilities : Websites, Commerce

The Challenge

The Alcro site needed more than just a fresh coat of paint: It was more than 10 years old, with an outdated CMS system. The new site had to speak to two very different target groups, driving each down a distinct path. For consumers, the goal was to engage and inspire them to paint at home. For professionals, the goal was to strengthen their relationship. And we had to meet these goals while keeping the site’s legacy content.

The Idea

MRM//McCann rebuilt the site from scratch with an interaction design system that gives each target group their own unique and visually appealing experience. We made product information and document downloads easier to find. And we eliminated dead-end pages so that the next action is always clear.

For consumers, the focus was on emotion, with evocative and inspiring images designed to move the consumer to bring new color to their lives with Alcro paint.

For professionals, we concentrated on helping them meet their need to adhere to strict regulations. So the site makes it easy to find, print or download all relevant documentation for each product.

The Execution

    The Results

    In the 12 months following the site launch, visits have increased almost 100% and dwell time increased by 50%.