BalticMiles improved customer loyalty with a unique app.

Industry : Automotive & Transportation
Capabilities : Product Innovation, Campaigns, Mobile, Social, Commerce, Relationship Marketing

The Challenge

A successful customer loyalty program is a pretty amazing thing if it also helps your customers live longer lives. So when airBaltic tasked MRM//McCann to come up with a promotional campaign for their customer rewards program, BalticMiles, we built a strategy based on two facts:
•    After a long flight, people tend to put off exercising — it’s easier to do nothing.
•    People who jog live up to six years longer on average.
So our challenge was to motivate and reward BalticMiles members to get up and moving within 24 hours after flying.

The Idea

We created a unique program called “Burn the Miles” and developed a branded app that syncs with well-known sports-tracking apps like Nike+.  Members of BalticMiles who burn as many calories as the number of miles they’ve flown within 24-hours of landing are rewarded with up to 5000 bonus points that can be redeemed for air flights, music downloads and more. Their progress is tracked by the branded app. 
And of course, because people like to share their success, we enabled them to spread the news (and publicize BalticMiles) on social media.

Then we ratcheted it up a notch — adding a gamification element to appeal to members’ competitive spirit, with rankings versus other members.

The Execution

    The Results

    Over 2,000 BalticMiles members participated in the first month alone, burning more than 600,000 calories!  The success of the campaign led BalticMiles to extend it with special monthly challenges on

    The Awards

    • Best Travel App

    Named Best Travel App by Skift Travel News

    • The Mobile Site of the Day