Shin Aoyama building, EAST, 1-1-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato- ku
107 - 0062
Phone: + 81 3 3746 8900
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We work in a city where the future is always happening right now. And we love it.

Welcome to Japan, where you’ll find the latest technology, Asia’s most forward fashion, and of course, sushi.

What else can you say about a city that was destroyed by Godzilla no less than 28 times? Well, Tokyo is a city of constant surprises and superlatives — where you can buy floral arrangements from a vending machine and where toilets can talk.

You’ll find more Michelin starred restaurants here than anywhere else in the world. Needless to say, you’ll find the world’s most expensive restaurant here too.

And Japan is anime heaven. In fact, Japanese films and TV shows account for more than 60% of the world’s animation.

Tokyo is a constant source of excitement and inspiration for our team. It gives the MRM//McCann team the energy to thrive as we partner with clients to deliver the best in integrated relationship management and customer experience expertise.


Miho Shiozaki

Representative Director, President

Miho has worked on both client and agency side. With her background as an artist, she has a sharp eye for details while keeping sight of the big picture. A tennis buff and marathon runner, she brings her “ganbatte” spirit to work and play.

Rie Otsuka

Business Leadership Director

Rie lives deep in the mountains, where it feels as though time stopped a thousand years ago. So you might be surprised by her love of the latest innovations and technology. She’s shared that passion at MRM//McCann for over 20 years.

Hidehito Iwano

Marketing Solutions Director

Iwano-san is a walking, talking, human Wikipedia for CRM and data analysis. His many years of experience have helped to solve even the most complex problems. He’s also a passionate farmer, foodie and baseball fan.