40A Orchard Road, #09-01 The MacDonald House
Phone: 67379911
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A fascinating ethnic brew…brimming with diversity.

Based within a cityscape that looks like it was ripped from the pages of a science fiction comic book, MRM//McCann Singapore works out of one of the last remaining brick-faced buildings in Singapore — a national monument, no less. But don’t let the traditional facade fool you. Inside these brick walls live a bunch of innovators who are constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new technologies. And a multicultural culture that makes us a natural choice for multinational clients.

For inspiration, we’re surrounded by the National Museum, the kick-ass School of the Arts, Fort Canning Park and Plaza Singapura — a huge mall that’s loaded with everything imaginable, even samurai swords for the coming zombie apocalypse. Of course, when that apocalypse comes, from Peranakan to Chinese, Indian to Malay cuisine, there’ll be plenty to whet the zombies’ appetites.


Nicholas Handel

Managing Director

It makes perfect sense that Nick is an avid fly-fisher. Just like when he’s out in the wild, he pays extra attention to details and recognizes opportunities when they appear and seizes them! That’s the kind of leader Nick is.

Dante Abelarde

Creative Director

Aside from being our creative director, Dante is also our chief cheerleader and resident Yoda (tiny but full of wisdom). He never backs down from a challenge and strives to give our best for every project. Like he always says, “we must use our powers for good!”

Aishah Haroon

Business Director

As a mother of two, Aishah knows a thing or two about managing expectations and motivating an audience. Playing the role of nurturing mother at work as well, Aishah’s also great at handling the tantrums of our creatives.

Brendon Chase

Director of User Experience & Performance, Tech + Project Management

Mr. Chase is our resident techie and ginger from down under. His job requires him to know everything and he lives up to it. Ask him anything and he’ll have an answer for you and if he doesn’t, his friend Google will.

Aaron Cher

Project Director

Aaron plays DOTA (Defense of the Ancients for you non-gamers) and he’s pretty expert at it. As Project Director, he manages clients, deadlines, timelines and resources all at the same time. Where do you think he got those mad micro skills?