18F, Huaihai International Plaza, 1045 Middle Huaihai Road
Phone: +86 21 2411 1121
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Shanghai is a study in contrasts that inspires our creativity

In Shanghai, you’ll find some of the most beautiful old-world architecture alongside the most forward-looking buildings in the world. We’re a city of speed, and the slow movement of tai chi. We’re all about the future, but turn a corner and you’ll come across a moment out of time.

People here love traditional Xiaolongbao (steamed pork buns) but hamburgers are so ubiquitous you’d think they’re traditional. And that’s Shanghai: always creating something brilliant from unexpected combinations.

And that’s MRM//McCann Shanghai, where above all, we believe in results. Results inspire us. Having been achieved, they help our clients’ businesses—and our own—grow. And then we set our sights higher. Always hunting for new ways to connect with consumers, we use ideas—creatively expressed, strategically grounded and technologically powered—to change minds and shape the future.


Mike Zeng

Managing Director

Mike is good at finding and unleashing people’s potential and creating collective value to clients in this fast-changing digitalized world.