São Paulo/

Pereira Leite, 55
São Paulo- SP,
Phone: +55 11 3032- 3339
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Trailblazers in technology. Catalysts of creativity.

At the cultural epicenter of the largest city in South America, lies E/OU-MRM (MRM//McCann São Paulo). From the top of our trai building, we feed on the creative energy that flows from the not-always gentle convergence of ideas, values, beliefs, languages, ethnicities and cultures that makes the very fiber of what being a Brazilian in the greatest metropolis below the equator means. Like the city, we’re a pulsating organism bred to last, to adapt, to create the best work in any given circumstances and have fun while doing it.


Fábio Souza

EVP Business Development and COO

If you ever watch Fábio multitasking with the fearlessness of a post-modern sea captain you’d wonder what kind of microchip powers his brain. We sure do rely on it to stay sharp on detecting our clients’ needs (even before they do).

Eduardo Soutello

EVP Strategic Planning and CRM

If the term “data monk” isn’t a thing yet, we should make it happen just to have an appropriate label to stick on Eduardo. Is it the longboard rides that help him keep his Zen while planning like a powerful communications’ Dharma Wheel?

Eduardo Rodrigues


He’s an artist’s soul trapped in the body of a quasi-dentist and incidental music therapist. With a dental record that confounds itself with the history of modern direct marketing, Eduardo became the heart of our awarded creativity.

Beatriz Ayrosa

Business Development Director

Beatriz is kind of our “chef de cuisine”. Sure she knows her way around kitchen utensils, but the real secret ingredients here are her flair for business and the ability to combine our different flavors in deal-sealing recipes.