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Small town. Big thinkers. Genius rubs off.

A pocket-sized town with a huge haul of Nobel prizes (60+ last time we counted) is home to MRM//McCann Princeton.

It’s a place where squirrels come in black, all-male kick lines are a generations-old tradition, and our patron saint was a lifelong skeptic (name of Einstein). We love iconoclasts. We have over 100 here in our office.  Bringing their special talents to everything from pancakes to diabetes; helping people handle the lows of bipolar depression and the high bar for English as a 2nd language. Our social media expertise does more than make connections—it builds brands. Our home is also our inspiration—it’s a hotbed of ideas, peopled by restless overachievers, and quite a few fanatics (present and long gone) who’ve shaped our world. Because around here, solving problems ingeniously is just what we do.


Kate MacNevin

Global COO, Managing Director, U.S. East

Kate’s drive and passion are evident, whether she’s exploring new cuisines as a “foodie” or new places through travel. She knows how to build strong brands and provide the vision necessary to ensure global efficiency and excellence.

Neal Prescott

Chief Technology Officer

Neal brings passion to technology strategy and development. An industry award winner, he’s been involved in technology since eighth grade, playing Star Trek on an IBM terminal. And he believes in leveraging it to solve real-world problems.

Sung Chang

EVP, Chief Creative Officer

Sung is a former architect, designer and technology geek all rolled into a creative. When he’s not designing mobile phones, interactive televisions or ways to get your morning coffee, he can be found reviewing his teams’ work.

Kate Miller

SVP, Director of Client Services

Kate is our head cheerleader, with a quarterback’s skills and toughness. She wears deep experience lightly. Your problem is her challenge—she won’t rest until it’s solved. You’re in it together and she’ll be with you every step of the way.

Rob Rothschild

SVP, Strategy Director

Rob is an interpreter of dreams. A radical thinker and trusted counselor who MRM clients and colleagues depend on as a quiet voice of reason to focus and attain their business aspirations. To lock on to a direction and clear the path ahead.

Nicole Moore

SVP, Group Account Director

Nicole is conductor, ringleader, champion problem solver, results guru. The glue that holds it all together (no job too big or too small). The head that stays cool when everything’s on fire. Whatever you’re up against, she’s on top of it.