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What, you think it’s a coincidence we’re at the crossroads of the world?

At the cosmic nexus of art, food, finance and innovation lives MRM//McCann New York. There you’ll find 230 of the planet’s most trailblazing people creating some of the planet’s most trailblazing work.

Of course, all work and no play would be a waste of the world’s biggest playground. We get inspiration from neighbors like The Met (the museum one), The Met (the opera one), The Great White Way and Madison Square Garden, to name but a few.

We get our vigor from proximity to a smorgasbord including creamy risotto, slimy oysters, jerk chicken, a mile-high pastrami on rye and piece of strawberry cheesecake that’s bigger than your head. And stimulation from 291 Starbucks (how else do you think the city that never sleeps, never sleeps?).

Finally, we’re totally jazzed by New York’s 8.5 million people (speaking 800 languages) agreeing on one thing: Anything is possible.


Kate MacNevin

Global COO, Managing Director, U.S. East

Kate’s drive and passion are evident, whether she’s exploring new cuisines as a “foodie” or new places through travel. She knows how to build strong brands and provide the vision necessary to ensure global efficiency and excellence.

Neal Prescott

Chief Technology Officer

Neal brings passion to technology strategy and development. An industry award winner, he’s been involved in technology since eighth grade, playing Star Trek on an IBM terminal. And he believes in leveraging it to solve real-world problems.

Sung Chang

EVP, Chief Creative Officer

Sung is a former architect, designer and technology geek all rolled into a creative. When he’s not designing mobile phones, interactive televisions or ways to get your morning coffee, he can be found reviewing his teams’ work.

Pedro LaBoy

EVP, Marketing Transformation and Performance

An adventurer, surfer, pilot, diver and former U.S. Army paratrooper, Pedro is someone who is focused, driven and unbound. He applies the same level of energy and dedication when crafting smart, data-driven marketing solutions for clients.