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8, Balaji Estate, Guru Ravi Dass Marg, Kalkaji
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Of curries and creativity

Luxury cars jostling for space in front of roadside eateries. Designer-brand clad ladies unflinchingly checking out flea markets. Farmhouses hosting the most incredible ”Page 3” parties. Cricket matches making people switch on the TV and switch off their lives. Amid this incredible cacophony that is the capital city of India, you’ll find a potpourri of ideas, idiosyncrasies and innovation at MRM//McCann Delhi.

There’s a whole spice rack of 100-odd creative people busy co-creating awesomeness. And like our curries, we like our ideas simmering, full of flavor and with a lingering after-effect.

In this business of adrenaline-fueled all-nighters, impending client deadlines and constant revisions to reach for greatness, we're in a state of perpetual frenzy. And we love it!


Punit Kapoor

General Manager

They say don’t judge a book by its cover. And our Captain Cool exemplifies this adage to the hilt. His calm demeanor adeptly hides his multitasking prowess, as he manages strategic alliances, client relations and P&Ls every day.

Abhinav Jain

Strategy Director

Whoever said planners are boring clearly has clearly never met our one-man strategy think-tank. Abhinav’s quirky approach often raises eyebrows, always bowls over clients and has earned him the nickname of Mr. Maverick!

Navneet Bakshi

Client Servicing Director

An audiophile by nature, Navneet hums a different tune every day. And more often than not clients find themselves singing along! A smooth operator in all situations, Navneet has been the backbone of our new business development for 8 years.

Dalip Dhingra

Vice President – IT Solutions

MRM//McCann India’s techie marvel man is quite the gadget guru. When he’s not managing the behemoth of IT solutions, you can find Dalip tapping away on any of his multitude of personal gadgets, figuring out something extraordinary.

Sayuree Wagh

AVP, Mumbai

A contradiction in herself. Casually formal. Unconventionally pretty. Strictly chilled out. Sayuree believes in smart work to leave enough time to stay fit, party hard and live life to the fullest!

Gayatri Srikrishnan

Client Servicing Director, Bangalore

Often seen cruising along the highway, Gayatri is all about an unstoppable drive. Whether it is about cracking ideas, figuring out the latest fad or selling snow to an Eskimo, perseverance is in her blood.