Via Giovanni Spadolini n 7, Centro Leoni,
Phone: +39 (0)2.85421
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Busy. Bustling. Always under construction. Milan is all about the new.

Milan is Europe’s largest construction site, with two thousand men at work on the signature buildings of twenty leading architects. What is emerging is a new green and glass city in the midst of an old neighborhood revitalized by art, fashion and design.

That’s where you’ll find MRM//McCann Milan: in a futuristic building that expresses our fresh, forward-thinking and proactive team spirit.

We bring our curiosity, optimism and openness to work every day. It makes things more fun, since in our office you’ll find English, Spanish, German, French, Indian, and Chinese speakers to name a few. This international mix inspires us to invent and re-invent ourselves continuously, with enthusiasm and imagination and generosity. Not to mention passion — after all, this is Italy!


Stefano Pozzo

Chief Executive Officer

Stefano used to build brands “above the line.” But early on he saw that the Internet erased the line. Excited by creating new communication experiences for consumers, today he leads effective digital campaigns for international clients.

Giuliano Bellini

Creative Director

Graduated in Scenography at Brera Academy, Giuliano became Art Director in 1998 and has been Creative Director at MRM since 2006. From 2002 he has been working at MRM in the digital area giving his great contribution on major clients campaigns.

Paolo Boccardi

Creative Director

Paolo Boccardi produces award-winning, innovative creative work that is on strategy, on time and on budget. With strong skills in strategic thinking and concept development, he’s partnered with many global brands to develop marketing solutions in all forms of emerging media.