5/F Active Fun Bldg., 9th Ave.,
Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig 1634,
Phone: +632 5486200
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And when we get down to business, we win things like Campaign Asia’s Digital Agency of the Year.

Start with the DNA-modeled playground and the runner’s obstacle course in the park right across the MRM//McCann Manila office. Want more places to play? We’ve got the Mind Museum, Turf-BGC (the country’s first artificial football field), and the Art Walks nearby.

Even our agency address has the word “fun” in it! In fact, the 70 people of MRM//McCann Manila are housed in the same building as a huge toy store and the biggest children’s play and party center in the city. So you can be sure we take the business of creating great digital advertising seriously—as in serious fun.

We’re a committed group of advertising professionals who also happen to be graphic novelists, painters, musicians, music junkies, dancers, comedians, gamers, divers, and a beer pong champions. And it all adds up to a team that lives and breathes great ideas in service of our clients’ business.


Manny Fernando

Managing Director, MRM

Manny lives by the philosophy that “If something’s been done, do it differently and do it better.” If that sounds like he’s competitive, well, he is, and this strong, albeit simple, strategy has served our team and our clients well.

Sherwin Sowy

Head, Products and Solutions

Sherwin is a social media junkie who develops iOS apps himself as a hobby. Show him any platform idea up for production, and he’ll know what to do to improve it.

Budjette Tan

Executive Creative Director

He's Executive Creative Director by day, comic book writer by night. But day or night, his love for creating shareable brand stories or telling fantastic, magical stories keeps audiences engaged.

Lisa Sioson

Creative Director, MRM//McCann

Lisa is naturally curious — it’s one reason she dabbles in palmistry, among many other things. She’s always asking questions — and this inquisitiveness helps her challenge briefs in services of creating a great creative solution and a solid campaign.

Ron Roman

Creative Director, MRM//McCann

A lot of people just laugh at Ron’s “crazy” antics, but the smart ones really know that he brings a “zen-mind/crazy-mind” to business problems so he’s able to recognize ideas so off the wall that they work like crazy.

Yves Gonzalez

Social Command Head, MRM//McCann

On his own, Yves developed the country’s first real-time traffic app. But he’s convinced that by working with our digital team, listening to people online and channeling it all in the right direction, we’ll develop even greater things together.

Issa Tobias

Business Group Director, MRM//McCann

Issa never panics. She applies her perspective as a yoga devotee in the way she leads her team. Setting herself as a model for positivity and calmness, she makes sure everyone feels that for any problem, there’s always a solution.

Peach Natividad

Digital Strategy Director, MRM//McCann

Peach loves traveling the world, studying people and cultures. Her wide-ranging knowledge and her belief in the power of numbers help drive smarter strategies for our clients.