76- 80 Southwark Street
Phone: +44 (0) 20 7153 8000
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The home of culture. Technology. Innovation. And the world’s best cuppa.

The Southbank of London is rooted in a rich history expressed in architecture that looks to the future. The neighborhood has moved on a lot since days of Shakespeare and Dickens. It’s now a complex hub of art, technology, innovation and fine food. And at the heart of it all you’ll find the people of MRM Meteorite hard at work.

Such vibrant surroundings can’t help but feed into agency life. And you can see our unwavering desire to constantly move forward in the design of our building. Created to look like a boat charging down the Thames, it inspires our “full-speed ahead attitude.” Even when we’re relaxing over the perfect “cuppa” tea. 


Oliver Foot

Joint CEO & Chief Commercial Officer

Olly’s a rare fish. He’s just as at home in the seas of Operations, Technology and Data, as he is in the oceans of Creative, Customer Experience and Planning. In fact, without a client problem to solve he feels like a fish out of water.

Tom Phillips

Planning Partner

Part artist, part scientist, Tom’s creative yet logical. So he’s always prepared for any client problem whatever the weather.

Gavin Hardman

Chief Technology Officer

Just like his idol Columbo, Gavin loves finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. With his team of passionate people, he uses technology to create magical moments.

Chris Whitson

Joint CEO & Chief Strategy Officer

In 2005 Chris founded Stephens Francis Whitson, an agency that grew to be one of London’s most respected and awarded agencies. He has helped launch products & propositions for Channel 4 and News UK and has extensive experience on drinks brands.

Nicky Bullard

Chairman and Chief Creative Officer MRM//Meteorite

Nicky expects a lot. But her style is positive. She believes discipline; freedom and joy get the best out of creative people. What inspires her? Watching her kids fearlessly try new stuff. She too tries to leap into the unknown when she can!