Großer Hasenpfad 44,
60598 Frankfurt,
Phone: 0049 69 605070
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Downtown Frankfurt is always a huge construction site. But it’s a reminder: Think big. Dream bigger.

Frankfurt on the river Main is unlike any other German city. Known for our sausages (Frankfurter Worscht) and apple wine (Ebbelwoi), we’re a world capital of finance and business — and Germany’s most international city. Thanks to our dramatic skyline with eye-catching skyscrapers, we’ve earned the nickname “Mainhattan.”

Here, in what is probably the world’s smallest metropolis, is the MRM//McCann Frankfurt office. Driven by creativity, technology and performance, every day begins and ends with ideas.

For us it’s all about connecting brands, products and services with people, creating something new and mind blowing. And with over 200 employees from 28 countries, our diversity has made a real difference in supporting our clients’ business success. Not to mention winning multiple awards along the way, including GM Supplier of the Year.  Now, on to the next idea. Will it be for you?


Ruber Iglesias

Chief Executive Officer

Ruber knows how to lead a team, because he knows his team. Just like when playing soccer – which he loves – he calls the plays, motivates the team, always moving forward while keeping an eye on defense. And that’s what he does for us.

Elke Klinkhammer

Chief Creative Officer

"Elke believes that technology enables creativity. That’s why Elke is a true visionary and progressive thinker. She knows exactly what is necessary to push creativity. Because let's face it, if you are not leading the way, you are just following others."

Frank Ladner

Chief Technology Officer

Frank loves Scuba Diving. It requires methodical, focused and calm actions under all circumstances. This is also the way Frank leads his team of more than 80 IT experts, who develop and operate IT solutions for large multinational clients.

Andreas Brückner

Managing Director

Cooking is one of Andreas’ passions. It’s all about combining ingredients, mixing spices to find the right taste. When working with clients he follows a recipe: a great amount of experience, a dash of creativity, then add honesty and reliability.

Martin Biela

Executive Creative Director

Martin always thinks outside of the box, willing to take the next step – even if it is a huge one. He strives to make a difference with big ideas and great innovations. It's this vision that also pushes and inspires the entire creative team.

Sean Condon

EVP, Marketing Solutions & Services

Sean loves baseball. Just mention the Boston Red Sox and you have his attention. Actually, Sean is always very attentive. And thorough. With him there’s no half way. When it comes to managing and planning he always goes the extra mile.

Cortney Endecott

Director HR & Operations

Cortney knows talent when he sees it. And he understands people just the way they are. Cortney sees the big picture and recognizes who is a good fit or the missing link. So in the end he puts the pieces of our puzzle together.