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Motown, Hockey Town, The Motor City, The D. More hustle and muscle per capita.

We’re a roll-up-your-sleeves sort of company, in a roll-up-your-sleeves sort of Midwest town.  A town that isn’t afraid to get a little bit gritty, to dig in and dig deep.  A town that took steel and fashioned it into freedom.  And we’re here, a part of it all.

We thrive in this unique convergence of the world’s cultures, of men and women (and a few furry friends) with a shared passion.  A passion to invent.  To drive solutions.  To build.  A place where we can stoke the fires of our collective imaginations until they’re red hot, and then cool our heels in our crystal clear waters. 

As a group, we’re as diverse as our surroundings.  We come from all corners of the globe, and from all walks of life, but we come together, and together is where the sparks ignite.


Tamy Harms


Driven to move brands forward, Tamy never sticks with what works if there’s a chance to innovate instead.  An avid golfer, she believes that in marketing — like on the links — we didn’t come here to lay up. 

Fred Seidelman

EVP, Chief Technology Officer

Often challenged, but never stumped, Fred leverages his casual intensity to forge robust technical solutions.  Whether he’s behind a keyboard, a ski boat or the wheel of a Corvette race car, Fred forges a clear path to the finish line.

Jack Scheible

EVP, Global Director of Customer Experience

Jack knows. He knows the best customer is a repeat customer. Which is a good thing, because he lives relationship management. He also knows sports and movies and has been known to reference Braveheart in meetings (kilt optional).

Jeff Cruz

EVP, Chief Creative Officer

Jeff digs baseball. And his family. Detroit Hustle and Muscle. The ideas, and clients, and mentors, and the teams who helped him get here. And knowing, put the focus on people – in the work and how you work – and amazing things will happen.

Lisa Schultz

SVP, Director of Human Resources

As the leader of an exceptional talent team, Lisa cultivates a great place to work while helping MRM’ers reach their goals and maximize their potential. Something she wishes she could say about her beloved Detroit Lions.

Paulette Adams

SVP, Director of Client Services

Paulette delivers the goods by pulling clarity out of complexity.  And, while not officially a PhD, she has compiled extensive research on all things food and wine and is always on the hunt for the next best foodie experience.

Dawn Deak

SVP, Client Engagement Director

Dawn bleeds (BLEEDS!) green and white and that same passion shows every day as she coaches her team toward client deliveries and wins.  She dreams that one day her boys will see her calling the shots from behind the ESPN SportsCenter desk. 

Lori Sullivan

SVP, Director of CRM

Like the best spies of the cold war era, Lori leads two lives: CRM Account Director by day and jewelry designer by night. It’s a combination of left and right brain seldom seen in this age of specialization. She can not only shape the strategy, but imagine the outcome – in vivid color.