98 Sathorn Square Office Tower, 25th – 26th Floor North Sathorn Road
Silom, Bangrak
Phone: 662.343.6000
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At the center of culture and creativity, technology and tradition: That’s MRM//McCann Bangkok.

You’ll find MRM//McCann Bangkok in the heart of the bustling city center. Surrounded by dazzling temples, spectacular palaces, gleaming skyscrapers and a world-famous floating market there’s no doubt where we find our inspiration.

Bangkok is also a culinary kaleidoscope, with an amazing mix of food stalls lining the streets offering so many combinations of spicy, sour, sweet and salty flavors, that it’s no wonder we’re always pumped up and ready to enjoy what’s next.

Known in Thai as Krung Threp, meaning City of Angels, Bangkok is a city rich in the cultures of both East and West. But what makes us unique is Thailand’s identity as the Land of Smiles — and here at MRM//McCann Bangkok our people are waiting to share those smiles while we put our creative and strategic talents to work for you.


Rattakorn Potharam

General Manager & ECD

Rattakorn brings a sharp business sense, a strong competitive edge, and a positive mindset to his work and to leading the team. This is balanced by a philosophy of giving back to the world, which derives from his time as a Buddhist monk.

Varidda Voraakom

Head of Digital Strategy and Social

Varidda is passionate about trends, people and progressive brands. Curating upcoming cultures and seeking new inspirations are what she was fascinated by. Her dream is to inspire clients with ideas that make a positive change in the world.

Seksun Duangsong

Head of Production

Creating the magic through technology is the challenge.
Crafting creative to convince the audience is the joy of my profession.

Pattarawong Wongmek

Digital Planning Manager

Pattarawong is a proud geek when it comes to disruptive trends and all things digital.  He is passionate about breathing life into ideas with meaningful insight and sharp strategy that can contribute to consumer life.

Shigeru Ito

Creative Director / Creative Technologist

An anthropologist, illustrator, creative technologist and creative director. Shigeru has been connecting dots and continuously seeking new ways of storytelling combining digital media, technology and human beings.

Sukit Kittinuntakul

Senior Account Director

Sukit has a fine balance between traditional & digital vibes. He believes in diversity that can unite and drive the community. His positive thinking helps shape a passionate work culture and business relationship.