We aim to make the complex simple and the simple compelling. It starts with a deep understanding of people and what matters to them from both a mindset and dataset perspective. So our conversations are anchored in rich intuition and insight. In today’s world, intuition has a powerful partner in data. That’s why we also rigorously interrogate the dataset, leveraging big data to drive deeper insight, predictability and performance. So we create experiences that matter to people and brands. This philosophy guides everything we do for you.

BalticMiles improved customer loyalty with a unique app.

A successful customer loyalty program is a pretty amazing thing if it also helps your customers live longer lives.

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How Coca-Cola brought TV and social media together to bring people together.

Coca Cola is one of the world’s best known and best loved brands. It’s not simply because Coca Cola is refreshing — the power of the brand is built on the social moment of sharing a Coke with friends and family as the sharing of happiness.

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How South Africa used storytelling to increase tourism.

German visitors have traditionally been among the top three tourist groups visiting South Africa. As an already popular destination with this target, the challenge was to ratchet up the level of success.

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How IHOP used augmented reality to drive repeat business

IHOP wanted something new on the menu. It had to be a new experience that would satisfy the hunger of their large and loyal fan base for fun and family togetherness. The goal was to get them sharing even more about the brand online.

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How we helped reposition Verizon as a technology solutions leader.

While Verizon could claim 96% of the Fortune 500 as customers, they faced the widespread perception that they were “just” a telco company. The reality, however, is that they’re a strategic services provider of business technologies.

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How Sephora used social media to create a better goody-bag.

When Sephora planned to open its first store in Sweden they wanted to generate a level of excitement and engagement nationwide. Their goal was to get potential customers talking about the brand in the weeks leading up to the opening.

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    “If you want to be a creative company, you need diversity.”

    “To make your brand story go viral, take a look at memes.”

    “The more digitally connected a community, typically the healthier it is.”