location / New York, New York
date posted / 01/09/2017
job description / Content Copywriter, MRM//McCann

Core Duties/Responsibilities


Job Title: Content Copywriter



Works with team members from all departments and external vendors bringing your creative vision to life.



Proactively learns and applies the process for creating compelling content while contributing copywriting expertise. Is able to research and develop new subjects and thought leadership. Is able to communicate the intent of the writing to relevant stakeholders.


Develops a professional, articulate, and mature presence in all aspects of team and client relationship building. Anticipates issues, feedback, and tasks and works on them without being asked. Actively seeks creative opportunities and projects beyond your expected duties. Seeks out creative mentorship when required.



Demonstrates a strong command of the structure of language, both formal and informal. Understands and applies understanding of the clients’ brand voice. Writes compelling, beautifully constructed copy for a variety of clients and audiences. Writes articles with clear, concise subjects and carries the thread throughout the piece into conclusion copy. Is capable of writing: long form, headlines, calls-to-action, introductory paragraphs, synopses and executive summaries.


Demonstrates competent grammar and spelling skills, with minimal amends from proofreading. Is able to respond positively to feedback from the client and re-draft copy to incorporate feedback, while retaining the impact of the copy.



Is capable of digesting content provided by the client, client services, other agencies, or from own research and understands how it should be broken down to meet a brief and how best to organize it. Ideates based on unique, original interpretations of subject matter at hand, while staying respectful to the accepted expertise around said subject, without plagiarizing. Measures ideas not only against high creative standards, but also against business objectives.



Is able to present ideas clearly to senior members of the Creative department, Strategy teams, Account teams and directly to the client.



3-5 years

Bachelor’s Degree preferred

Required Skills/Knowledge/Experience