location / Salt Lake City, Utah
date posted / 11/10/2016
job description / Relationship Marketing Director, MRM//McCann

Core Duties/Responsibilities

We are looking for an experienced Relationship Marketing (RM), Director. This position is located in Salt Lake City and will include both day-to-day RM strategy leadership with Enterprise B2B clients as well as the day-to-day management of the RM department.  The focus of the RM practice is to transition from one-to-many to one-to-one communications designed to foster individual customer interactions, loyalty and long-term engagement with a revenue focus.  We believe that it is not enough to understand that businesses have specific problems, but rather an individual customer within a business has a specific problem that they may or may not know how to solve.  MRM//McCann West’s RM practice leverages customer intelligence (Data) to optimize marketing engagement in as near real-time as possible (Decisions) across channel (Delivery) increasing value for individual customers (1:1) and improving RM efficiency and effectiveness (Revenue).




Required Skills/Knowledge/Experience


  • Engage with key global B2B brands including: Cisco and MasterCard to architect RM marketing strategies that will be executed across agency disciplines.

  • Design all aspects of RM capabilities for clients including:

    • Demand Generation – Direct Marketing campaign development and execution across direct mail, email, outbound/inbound telemarketing, digital channels with a focus on automated data management and demand side platforms deployment.

    • Lead Nurturing – Nurturing of prospects that are not sales-ready via marketing automation platforms like Unica, Marketo, Eloqua, etc. for both outbound and inbound activities.

    • Customer Relationship Marketing – CRM is focused on maintaining an ongoing conversation with existing customers through referral incentives, exclusivity, gamification, discounts and recognition to drive increased LTV as well as brand preference.

    • Key Account Marketing – Including both Target Account Marketing (Marketing-led key account marketing) and Account Based Marketing (Coordination between Marketing and Sales surrounding key accounts).

    • Connected Customer Journey – Architecting an integrated customer journey that can be customized and/or personalized across: Media, Websites (CMS), MAP and CRM solutions.

  • Respond with insights and answers to key business and campaign questions regarding customer insights, RM trends and best practices and campaign design to cross-agency disciplines and clients.

  • Partner with agency Data, Analytics, Technology and User Experience departments to design end-to-end RM campaigns.

  • Integrate with the MRM//McCann West Marketing Execution Team (MET) to deploy campaigns through marketing automation platforms such as Eloqua

  • Provide feedback into campaign optimization and reporting deliverables associated with RM campaigns/programs.

  • RM department management including reporting responsibility for a staff of 3+ individuals including day-to-day oversight and problem resolution.